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Sonar is an award winning audio post production & music composition studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We craft soundtracks for advertising, TV shows, radio, film, branded digital content and everything in-between. We care deeply about the work we do because we love it, and we focus on the small little details that will transform work from being good to being amazing. This is inherent in our DNA and we want to be proud of every piece of work that we do.

We believe in facilitating a seamless production process, so we handle the entire audio post production workflow in-house, from straightforward voiceover recordings & dialogue editing to complex sound design and final mixes in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound.

We’re also fortunate to count an extensive network of high profile fellow musicians and producers as part of the Sonar family and we’re able to leverage their individual skills wherever necessary to ensure we deliver engaging, creative & original work at all times.   


Chris is an award-winning composer and sound designer with 17 years of experience in the music business, having spent time in London recording artists like Pharrell Williams, Amy Winehouse, Sir Paul McCartney & Oasis.
Chris Querido
Creative Director

Some of the recording credits Chris has garnered over the years.