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Our recording studio services include ADR recording, sound design, final mix, foley, voiceover recording, dialogue editing, audio restoration & remote studio linkups via Source Connect software. We have 12 years expertise in all facets of audio post productions and we craft soundtracks for TV, cinema & radio advertising; films, video games, animations, branded content & mobile; & TV programmes and documentaries.

Sound Design is a huge passion of ours and our award-winning engineers excel at the delivery of compelling sound tracks for visual and auditory media. We’ll help your creation stand out with just the right blend of audio sparkle.

We are experts at the delivery of final mixes in both stereo and 5.1 surround for broadcast television, cinema, radio and branded content. Our mixes are always Dolby and EBUR128 compliant. We’ll take care of the technical, so you can take care of the creating.

We use the industry standard ISDN replacement software, Source Connect, for all remote recording and monitoring requirements. With access to thousands of studios and talent worldwide, there is no barrier to your creative vision.

Voiceover, narration and dialogue recording and editing is a speciality. Our acoustically treated recording and control room, combined with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, result in a superior end product.



Music is our obsession. We believe in the inherent power of music to inspire and invoke emotion and this belief is central to our approach. Our philosophy is simple; help creative thinkers to tell their stories. We’ll utilize our 20 years experience in the music business to either compose an orginal piece of music for your project, or we’ll help find it and negotiate and organize the licensing for you.

We specialise in the creation, composition and production of bespoke original music for film, tv, radio, animation, video games and interactive, digital content.


We’ll help you find and license the perfect piece of music to tell your story. Whether it’s an unsigned, quirky track nobody has ever heard of, or a chart topper that will be perfect for your campaign, we’ll negotiate with the rights holders to obtain a synchronisation license.


Sonar will help your brand find a voice that is not just unmistakable, but is unmistakably your brand. Once we help you find that unique voice, we translate it into musical assets that can travel along with your brand wherever it goes and interacts.


Over many years we've been carefully been cultivating our own music library of bespoke and original compositions. Our rates are competitive and you get the added bonus of an actual human doing the search for you. Like the particular feeling of track but don’t like the drums. no problem, we’ll send you the stems, so you can use exactly what you like and get rid of what you don’t.