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Tali’s Baby Diary Trailer wins best in Craft Award

February’s Best in Craft goes out to Ari Kruger from Sketchbook Studios. Our film and TV mixer, Chris Querido, performed full audio post.

This month’s Craft Awards were judged by Thibedi Meso, ECD Partner at Brave Group and Trevor Clarence, Director and Partner at Your Girlfriend.

‘The most successful commercials directors in the world, whether they specialise in dramatic visuals or silly comedy, are all great storytellers. And this is a beautiful piece of storytelling and a great commercial for the show. The timing, the performances, the visual language are all perfectly tuned to make what stood out for me as the most exciting piece of work for the month. It absolutely shows us the unique voice of a talented and confident director. This is the piece of work I wish I could put on my reel.’

– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Trevor Clarence, Director at Your Girlfriend

Watch the trailer here. Read the full article here.